R LeQuin Demise's Court (Evermoor) (Volume 2)

ISBN 13 : 9781514195321

Demise's Court (Evermoor) (Volume 2)

9781514195321: Demise's Court (Evermoor) (Volume 2)

Remmi has passed beyond The Veil as a guest of the Lady Vitria, the unpredictable and vicious though, undeniably, beautiful daughter of the Usurper, Lord Demise. But his situation is precarious and danger threatens from the deepening shadows that surround him. The madness he is compelled to experience and endure at Demise's Court is overwhelming and as his own sanity begins to slip away, so do his chances of ever discovering what happened to his sister, Gina. With only the dark Elf, Azalom for an ally Remmi must somehow unlock the Courts secrets and find out, not only what happened to Gina but also what has become of Beldaron, Evermoor's true Custodian for only then can the final battle to decide Evermoor's fate begin...

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About the Author :

R.LeQuin (not his real name) was born in Oxford and now lives in Abingdon. He is currently Senior Quality Engineer for a local company and has spent forty years working in the Automotive Industry for companies that have built parts for a number of car manufacturers including Rover and Honda.

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