Off the Grid Lifestyle: 10 Steps to Follow for a Sustainable and Independent Life

9781514231944: Off the Grid Lifestyle: 10 Steps to Follow for a Sustainable and Independent Life
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Are you looking to save money, help the environment, or just live a simpler life? Look no further! This guide will introduce you to the ten steps you should take when considering living a life off the grid. An off the grid lifestyle consists of cutting ties to your community infrastructure. Live by your own rules, gathering your own water, generating your own power, and monitoring your own resource consumption in a sustainable way. Does this all sound too difficult? Don’t worry! Living a sustainable, off the grid lifestyle has never been easier, or more comfortable. Here is a preview of what you will learn from this book: • Top Reasons to Consider an Off the Grid Lifestyle • How Sustainability Living Can Benefit You • Nationwide Communities for Living Off the Grid • What to Look For When Purchasing Property • Power Solutions for Your Home • Sustainable Methods for Heating and Cooling • Tips on Getting and Storing Water and Food • And Much More Don’t spend more than you have to! Learn ways to save money by living sustainably, and how to save the resources you use every day. Get the facts on off the grid lifestyles and order today!

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