Henri Dou Automatic Patent Analysis - Examples

ISBN 13 : 9781514692271

Automatic Patent Analysis - Examples

9781514692271: Automatic Patent Analysis - Examples

The automatic patent analysis is now more and more important to boost innovation and to evaluate your ideas.Even if the academics do not use patent information to much, it is necessary today to take care of this invaluable information source. But to get the best picture of a subject or an area of application it is necessray to analyse large amounts of patents. To do so the use of APA is necessary and this book provides different examples of such analysis. At the end of the book different url addresses provide useful access to patent information avaliable through Internet.

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About the Author :

Professor Dou got his PhD at the University of Aix Marseille in cooperation with the University of Antigonish in Canada. After a career as Director of Research at the CNRS in Chemistry, he became University Professor in Information science and developed a large international program of Technology Watch and Competitive Intelligence. He is now the Director of Atelis, a strategic intelligence work-room at ESCEM Business School (France), consultant for the WIPO (World International Patent Organization) and OAPI (Organisation Africaine de la Propriété Intellectuelle) and Expert near the World Bank Group. He comes with extensive experience both in academic and non-academic positions around the world. He is also presently Research Professor in different foreign universities in Asia and associate member of the CESER (Conseil Economique Social et Environemental Régional PACA), Member of the IAB (International Advisory Board) of the Ministry of Science and Technology of Viet Nam. He is one of the pioneers of competitive intelligence in France and in Brazil, and has put his experience to the benefit of such organizations as the European Commission, WIPO, UNESO, NATO and CNRS, the national French center for scientific research. He is also active as consultant for various enterprises and institutions in France and abroad.

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