Gert Strand Hydrometer

ISBN 13 : 9781514719060


9781514719060: Hydrometer

Hydrometer is an important instrument in wine producing. In Germany, the entire wine law is based on the hydrometer! To brew wine without a hydrometer is like driving a car without a steering wheel - you might find your way and if you lucky get it all right. Hydrometer is a floating weight "float" which is used to measure how many grams below or over 1 kg a liter of must or juice weights. Hydrometer use it to: • See when the wine is finished fermenting • Figure out how much alcohol there is in the wine • After Sweet wine to the proper fullness • Check that the wine ferments • Check the wine's dryness • See how far the fermentation has come • Figure out how much sugar is needed to give a certain alcoholic strength • Make sure that the wine is not over dry, resulting in poor taste, poor body and shorter shelf time. • Calculate the sweetening of wine • Calculate the number of sugar additions of strong wine (if your using all the sugar at once the fermentation might stop) • For measurement of sugar content in the start of the fermentation and to follow the fermentation and see when it's finished.

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