J. D. Brazil Minnie & The Golden Grape: Book 1

ISBN 13 : 9781514782569

Minnie & The Golden Grape: Book 1

9781514782569: Minnie & The Golden Grape: Book 1
Présentation de l'éditeur :

The Adventures of a Magnificent Princess! is a collection of 10 stories that tells of the magical adventures I, Minnie Magnificent, have every time I receives a gift. Unlike the usual Princess stories, My Adventures may start off with me receiving a gift but they all end with Me giving back to someone and making wishes come true! The Adventures of a Magnificent Princess! is based on stories that I makes up. Usually I tell my mom a story or pieces of one and she writes them out for me in these books. I'm not like other girls who think Princesses have to look one way and have a Prince save them. I think being a Princess means that you have the power to do anything and have anything. When I get my magic powers I think it's only right to share it with everyone! That's whats special about these books, they all make "Giving Back" Awesome!!! Here's a list of the books in my series: Minnie & The Golden Grape Minnie & The Sparkly Shoes Minnie & The Crystal Tiara Minnie & Nana's Ring Minnie & The Cotton Candy Heist Minnie & The Magic Pony Minnie & The Pink Kitten Minnie & The Hunted House Minnie & The Chocolate Cup Cake Minnie & The Christmas Fix

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