The Fifth Codex: When Gods Walked Among Us (Volume 1)

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9781515239529: The Fifth Codex: When Gods Walked Among Us (Volume 1)

If another world existed before the one you now know ... would you want to find it?

A question most anyone can answer, only a talented linguist named Alexys Élisabeth Rothschild has both the cunning and connections necessary to find the lost world of Terra Australis. The Mermaid, Centaur, Gryphon, and Arachna Majora codices in hand, but one remains undiscovered. Until now.

This last codex written by mystic Sapiens the key to translating the hieroglyphs and script scribed in the ancient codices Alexys Élisabeth already possesses, there is just one problem: The Fifth Codex is buried under two kilometers of Antarctic ice. No matter, she and her team descend on the wintery desert of West Antarctica in the hope of recovering it.

And in this quest to recover the Fifth Codex and discover the unknown history of Terra Australis, Alexys Élisabeth is about to learn a number of secrets regarding not only her place in this world, but her place in the world that existed before the one you now know.

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