CrossFit Training: Build A Lean Athletic Sexy Body With Fresh And Exciting Crossfit Workouts Crossfit Endurance And Crossfit Training

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9781515360155: CrossFit Training: Build A Lean Athletic Sexy Body With Fresh And Exciting Crossfit Workouts Crossfit Endurance And Crossfit Training
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Build A Lean Athletic Sexy Body Without Doing The Same Old Boring Exercises Aren't You Tired Of The Same Old Boring Fitness Exercises? Unless you’ve been hibernating under a rock, you’ve heard the buzz about CrossFit. New gyms specifically catering to this training style are popping up everywhere, the CrossFit Games are all over the TV, and the internet is abuzz with gushing CrossFit coverage. So, just what is CrossFit and how can it help you to get the body you desire? CrossFit is a training style that promotes fat loss, strength and fitness through work-out variation and challenge. Work-outs encompass all manner of movement, from weight resistance exercises, to bodyweight movements and distance exercises like running and rowing. Group sessions are held at CrossFit gyms (they actually call them Boxes) and generally last for an hour. Within this time trainers will go through a warm-up, a skills development segment, the work-out of the day (WOD) and a group stretching session. So, why train the CrossFit way? (1) It burns calories like crazy! (2) It keeps your work-outs fresh and exciting. (3) It strengthens your core. (4) It will give you a lean, athletic, sexy body. (5) It boosts your confidence inside and outside the gym. (6) It makes you really fit. (7) It’s a great way to make new friends In this book, we’ll guide you into the wonderful world of Crossfit. You’ll discover the 9 foundational movements of Crossfit, learn how to combine them into a series of mind blowing workouts and discover how to stay safe while you take your workouts to the edge. This Title Covers Everything A Beginner Needs To Start Doing Crossfit Here's just a quick preview of what you get. Why train crossfit instead of regular exercise? What crossfit is and what it isn't The 5 benefits of crossfit All the 6 crossfit myths exploded Crossfit safety fundamentals The basis of your crossfit training program Correct lifting technique Safety considerations Why you should leave your ego at the door 9 foundational crossfit moves Descriptions of the 9 foundational crossfit moves and how to do them Beginner crossfit workout routine Intermediate crossfit workout routine Advanced crossfit workout routine Description of the exercises in the 3 routines and how to do them Motivation to start crossfit Don't Hesitate To Build A Lean Athletic Sexy Body The price may go up so get your copy now!!

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