AyurVeda - 3 Simple Ways To De-toxify: Spirit,Mind,Body

9781516843404: AyurVeda - 3 Simple Ways To De-toxify: Spirit,Mind,Body

Why should you buy this book. Ayurveda 3 Simple ways to De-toxify Are you ready to embark on a journey to, Quantum Health and Healing? Experience it today. Everything you always wanted to know but we're ashamed to ask or talk about. Many people go through life EATING, SLEEPING, MATING and DEFENDING but NEVER take time to cleanse their pipes. All systems all organs must DETOXCIFY. In this book you will come across many ancient secrets and everlasting tools, learn to abstain from that which is TOXIC to your SPIRIT, MIND and BODY. If you do not DE-TOX now, you will pay later. By the way, if you were not informed that CONSTIPATION is the Mother of all DIS-EASES. HEALTH IS IN YOUR HANDS, HYDRATE AND LUBRICATE. PEACE, LOVE, LIGHT AND DON'T FORGET, LAUGHTER. NAMASTE.

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