Jonas Saul The Cartel

ISBN 13 : 9781516962679

The Cartel

Note moyenne 4,49
( 123 avis fournis par Goodreads )
9781516962679: The Cartel

Sarah Roberts’ boyfriend Aaron has been kidnapped by the Enzo Cartel in Tijuana in an attempt to lure Sarah in, but the cartel does not expect Sarah to come with Casper, a high-ranking government official, DEA agents, and a slew of others working with the Mexican authorities.

Delay after delay has them locked in a hotel, waiting for something to happen. While Sarah is out at a café, their hotel is attacked by heavily armed hit men. More than half the team are killed and the cartel snatches Casper. Sarah needs help and she finds it with an old friend from Italy, Darwin Kostas. Together they devise a Trojan Horse plan. She will act as bait to get inside the elusive cartel while Darwin tracks her on GPS. Desperate, Sarah knows this is her only chance to find Aaron and Casper.

The Cartel pits Sarah and her allies against a brutal drug lord who wants Sarah dead for her role in costing them millions in laundered money. For the first time ever, Parkman, Darwin, Daniel, Benjamin, Alex, Casper, and Aaron come together in one novel to save Sarah from her toughest enemy yet.

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