Rent Boys: A History from Ancient Times to the Present

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9781517048617: Rent Boys: A History from Ancient Times to the Present
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This fully illustrated book spans the history of rent boys from the Greeks, the most famous of which was Alcibiades, through Rome to the Renaissance where a rent boy was made a cardinal and where others were responsible for the most appalling murders of the period. Victorian England was a rent-boy’s heaven, and Berlin and Paris their Mecca. The book is about boys who sold themselves and about the men who bought them--often the same: selling their services when young, consumers when old. The book ends with the Hollywood actors of yesteryear and the escort services of today. ‘’Let it be known that homosexuals are not cowards,’’ Willem Arondeus cried out before a Nazi firing squad in 1943. The purpose of my books, all my books, from Homosexual Heroes to Rent Boys, is the affirmation that homosexuals, from da Vinci to Nietzsche, have done their part in the enlightenment and advancement of civilization. We are no more, but certainly no less, than those who have made this world a passionate, colorful, unique adventure. This is adult reading: Caveat emptor, Let the buyer beware.

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