Oil and the Business of Terror: Connecting World Events and Oil Prices from 2002 to 2015

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9781517101657: Oil and the Business of Terror: Connecting World Events and Oil Prices from 2002 to 2015
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Oil and the Business of Terror Connecting World Events and Oil Prices from 2002-2015 by Harry B. This paper provides a framework for answering some of the most vexing international affairs questions of the last fifteen years: • Why did the United State really invade Iraq? • Why did terrorist violence explode in the Middle East and elsewhere after the invasion? • Why was the war so poorly planned and executed? • Why is the United States on the verge of getting into a new war in Iraq? Using well-documented facts, along with original research and quantitative analysis, this paper shows that many of the perplexing and shockingly violent events of the new century are likely connected to manipulation of the price of oil. Terrorism in the oil producing region increases the price of oil by causing supply anxiety on the commodities exchanges. The rising price of oil generates profits for the regimes, such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar, which finance the terror. Terror, it seems, is part of the very business model of the oil industry. They pay for the terror that adds to their oil wealth. Understanding this basic dynamic can help one understand the actions of the United States, which is deeply influenced by these regimes, as well as their financial partners on Wall Street and the supermajor oil companies. About The Author Harry B. is the pseudonym of an American writer and creator of the political blog www.thethinkingamerican.com. Harry B writes about policy and public life but he is not affiliated with any political party, political organization, or media organization. He earned his AB and MBA from Harvard University. Earlier in his career, he was an executive at global technology companies. He has published numerous books and articles about technology and has served as a Lecturer at UC Berkeley. He is 50 years old.

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