Randell Bell Spook

ISBN 13 : 9781517247157

9781517247157: Spook

Mark Weston goes to Colombia SA with his team to Stop Hezbolla & Iranian terrorist from using the notorious street gang MS-13 to tie up American forces at home and in Saudi Arabia so they can move against Israel and capture the straights of Hormouth along with East Somalia bases giving them control of oil shipping. Rolling blackouts in the US cause wide spread panic in the States, and computer attacks against the US and China bring both countries to the brink of war. Mark Weston must smash a ring of terrorists in South America the Middle East and a privatized American army who has plans of their own to restore a very disorderly US to the ways of the past. With the help of his international contacts of Spooks and Mercenaries Mark plans a full scale World War against terrorism, and those who use its disorder to launch their own campaign against freedom.

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About the Author :

Randell Bell resides near Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, home of the world’s largest US Marine amphibious base. Mr. Bell has a unique insight into the world of Special Warfare Units, Special Operations and Covert Actions. He has worked with many Special Forces and warfare units as both a strategic and tactical consultant.

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