Ricardo L. Garcia Quantitative Factor

ISBN 13 : 9781517397500

Quantitative Factor

9781517397500: Quantitative Factor

BACK IS THE PHOENIX BIRD Depending on tastes and circumstances, shopping can be an enjoyable activity or a merely annoying one. For Pete Tanner, it was downright scary... VICTORY Stan Kuczynski hated being a champion. All the same, he needed to be one, if only to--maybe--fulfill a dream. LAST RESORT Some people are said to live in the past. Elliott Cameron did, for real... QUANTITATIVE FACTOR Despite the overwhelming odds against his coming out of his capsule alive, Larry Mendez was actually holding his breath about it. A CASE OF ETHICS Dr. Castellani had one major objection to his colleague’s theories. He might even have been right. And other mind-bending stories....

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