Marie Rives The parisian office

ISBN 13 : 9781517472443

The parisian office

9781517472443: The parisian office

Did Agathe try and seduce Ernest to give her career at LBO a boost or did he just fall for her magnetic personality and outstanding beauty? In any case, her boss Victor, who has often been used as a scapegoat, is not thrilled at the prospect of a love story. He then sets out to demonstrate her unworthiness using all possible means. Her colleague Ines, alias Miss Diversity, already spends a lot of her working hours snooping around her place to please Bertrand, her idle Pygmalion, who dreams of getting rid of her. As she fails to uncover anything, he decides to break into Agathe's PC, hoping to come across compromising information and sabotage her work. He also campaigns to hire Marcel, a young wolf, who, despite his engagement, claims to be her lover. Ernest's enduring obsession and the ensuing fuss around her private life bring Agathe a second suitor, Grant, another high ranking executive tired of his marriage...

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