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9781517538439: Crossfit: Cross Training for Beginners: Crossfit

Cross Training for Beginners

The title says it all, the very best starter package for crossfit is within your reach. The book covers every angle, from detailed exercise instructions to the most beneficial diet that comes along with crossfit training, which is the Paleo diet. This book also includes 50 WOD's you can either do in the gym or at home. These WOD's varies from intense bodyweight workouts to high intensity interval endurance workouts. Doing only 3 of these WOD's per week will greatly improve your body conditioning and overal health.

So what makes this book so different from the other crossfit books?

Well, first of all, like stated before, the book covers everything that is important for making progress your body. The mindset that is needed is something that needs to grow, this is a process that as a reward gives you the feeling there isn't anything that can't be done. Crossfit is one way to achieve this mindset.

We added a variety of catagories to this book that would include:

  • 50 great starter workouts (WOD's)
  • Descriptive exercise instructions
  • Important gym etiquettes
  • Beneficial general crossfit information
  • The Paleo diet
  • And much more...
Second of all, we include the book with a guideline and a diet. The preferred diet that goes hand in hand with not only crossfit, but any sport for that matter is the Paleo diet. We descriptively talk about what it is, why you should do the Paleo diet, how you can get fit with this diet and how to start this diet (get the ball rolling).

A wise once said: everybody is self made, but only the succesful will admit it.

Take control of your life, get informed, get motivated, take action and get massive results. It all starts by reading this book today. I'm certain you won't regret it.

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