Secrets of Small: 5 Benefits and Challenges That Living in a Small House Can Give You

9781517626280: Secrets of Small: 5 Benefits and Challenges That Living in a Small House Can Give You
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The dream of home ownership is one that all of us have at one point in our lives. Once that desire hits the question becomes should I purchase a small home or a large home? Well this is a question that has no simple answer. Well if you are someone looking to purchase a home or debating to either upgrade or downsize then this book is what you need in order to make an informed decision. In this book I will do my best to explore the benefits and the challenges of living in a small home compared to a large home. I have done my best to find questions and solutions that speak to those struggling with this decisions. I have also done some out of the box thinking in order to address some of those questions that make you scratch your head and say “I never thought of that.” It is my goal to look at both sides of the fence. I talk about the positives and negatives of purchasing a larger home and then switch gears and do the same for a smaller home. I have over 30 questions that you can ask yourself when looking at either of these options and at the end of this book it has been my goal to give you a solid foundation for your decision. Large house or small? Which should you decide? Well to find out you need to download this book and explore the questions and answers inside. So don’t delay that dream house may be slipping away while making your decision. Happy house hunting!

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