Richard Crasta Works in Progress

ISBN 13 : 9781517633721

Works in Progress

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9781517633721: Works in Progress

Young love and sexual discovery in India, stories about fathers, memory and its pitfalls, the Bush family and the Iraq war, a philosophical inquiry into attitudes to beggars and certain specific types of beggars in Cambodia and elsewhere, and other subjects make up this varied book (with 8 separate works, including a letter to Kurt Vonnegut) that defies characterization. For many authors, some famous or legendary, a book is never finished, and the writing is never done (which is why newspapers and magazines impose deadlines). As I have been nursing so many works that are close to my heart, and that I wish to make available to my dedicated readers, because life is uncertain, here is my new book, simply titled: Works in Progress. I am a perfectionist, and therefore have a tendency not to bring out material unless it is polished ... yet life is short, and I have too much to say that I fear would be left unsaid. And print has more permanence, for me, than the digital format. Publishing and writing, for me, are sacred acts, acts that are beyond value. I hope you enjoy reading not just this book, but my other books, including “The Revised Kama Sutra” and “The Mahatma, the Goats, and Young Cats.”

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