S.A Thorup Lithia

ISBN 13 : 9781517638030


9781517638030: Lithia

Young Lithia McCail is the daughter of immigrant parents and leads a pleasant, simple life in the farming community of Northvale. She has few worries, and is only interested in being with her friends and getting through the next school year. Everything changes when Miss Heronsword arrives in town. After Miss Heronsword chooses one of Lithia's friends to attend a prestigious school in the capitol, Lithia must make a choice whether or not to follow suit. Her choice ends up propelling her into a scandal involving a school's ambassadorial program, a vengeful business owner, and a blackmailed family whose only hope for freedom may lay with Lithia McCail. Lithia learns that if she tries to help this family, she will be putting her neck on the line not only for them, but for her country as well.

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About the Author :

S.A. Thorup is an author of fantasy and science fiction. She grew up in the LDS faith, which has helped inspire her writing, and was born in the beautiful desert of Utah. She has self-published several works through Lulu self-publishing. She holds an Associates of Arts in English from Salt Lake Community College, and her studies have helped her edit and revise her works. She loves mountains, clouds, and fluffy cats. S.A. Thorup loves to write, and strives to provide morally friendly literature in a writing world that is littered with filth. At the same time, she aspires to write high adventures and touching stories that will stay with the mind of the reader.

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