Vaughn Heppner; Logan White The Alien Prophecy

ISBN 13 : 9781517776992

The Alien Prophecy

9781517776992: The Alien Prophecy

A secret society has found an ancient alien machine. They believe it will grant them their deepest desires if they can repair it and turn it on. But for all their brilliance, they’re like little children, having no idea what they’re about to unleash. The fate of the world rests on three strangers suspicious of everyone who must learn to work together if they’re to save humanity. Dr. Selene Khan is a geologist as brilliant as she is beautiful. Her logic is flawless but her wounded heart has taught her to believe no one. The sole survivor of a massacre and hunted by killers because she’s seen too much, Selene will have to trust someone if she’s going to survive. Agent Jack Elliot saw his parents murdered by a madman when he was fifteen years old. Now he trains night and day, a combat specialist of unparalleled skill. Unfortunately, a mole sets his team up for ambush during a mission, and despite a valiant effort, Jack loses the friends who had become his family. Are there third chances? An encounter with Selene offers him possible redemption against impossible odds. A doglike beast created in a gene lab has an abnormally large brain. It can think, but it’s trapped by its creators, men tampering with an alien science who drive it to kill. Can there be another way to live? The beast wants to know. THE ALIEN PROPHECY is a lightning-paced adventure...utterly unpredictable right up to its stunning conclusion.

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