The Life of the Great Mahasiddha Virupa

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9781559393850: The Life of the Great Mahasiddha Virupa

"Mahasiddha Virupa is one of the famous eighty-four great Indian Masters who attained great realizations in one lifetime, thereby benefiting endless sentient beings through their spiritual attainments. In the unbroken lineage of the Sakyapa Tradition of Tibetan Buddhism he is considered to be the most important guru to have upheld the Buddha Dharma by his majestic powers. He is the original master of the precious Lamdre—the Core Instructions on Non-Duality of the Path and the Result."—excerpted from the foreword by His Holiness the 41st Sakya Trizin

Virupa was given several names throughout his life, and when he was a monk he tried to do his meditation practice as much as he could. But even though he spent many years meditating, he was bothered by disturbing dreams. And when he did as he was instructed to do by his spiritual guidance, it backfired and people often became upset with him. But because of his dedication he developed great spiritual powers which protected him from harm, and even saved his life. When people rejected him he lived in the forest and wore only flowers, and lived an unconventional life, but eventually he found his spiritual home. He saved many animals from sacrifice, and performed miracles.

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About the Author :

H.E. Dagmo Kalden D. Sakya is the wife of His Eminence Ratna Vajra Sakya, the elder son of His Holiness the Sakya Trizin. She has written this book for her daughter partly so that their story times together need not consist of only beanstalks, elves, and gingerbread men, but mainly so that young children the world over may learn of the lives of Great Masters of the Dharma.

Review :

This beautiful and glossy booklet, with loving and interesting illustrations by the author herself, is ideal for youngsters. the attractive presentation forms an ideal vehicle for the valuable contents it conveys. The author has written it for her daughter and for young ones of the world, in order to supersede the world of fairy tales and instead enable them to learn the lives of Great Masters of the Dharma. The book presents the life and spiritual attainments of Mahasiddha Virupa, one of the famous eighty-four Indian masters to attain great realizations in one lifetime.
-"East and West Series, Oct 2011"

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