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9781565921818: WebBoard (TM): Web Conferencing System Software

WebBoard is an advanced multi-threaded conferencing system that adds online conferencing capability to your Windows web server. WebBoard runs with any Windows web server that fully supports the Windows Common Gateway Interface (Win-CGI) version 1.2 or higher or ISAPI (including WebSite, Netscape FastTrack, Microsoft IIS, and others). With WebBoard, you can set up and maintain ongoing web discussions about any number of subjects simultaneously; each subject is organized and maintained in its own area. You can control the level of access to any WebBoard conference on your site, so each discussion can be as public or as private as you like. WebBoard's intuitive, interactive nature can help attract users to your web server, and keep them coming back. Who is WebBoard for? WebBoard is ideal for use by online conferencing groups of all sizes. It can be used effectively in a business environment and in legal or educational organizations. A conference that's open to the World Wide Web can draw people to your site with lively conversations about current topics. You can also use WebBoard within your organization on your internal network -- the Intranet. Why is WebBoard the best web conferencing system? WebBoard offers users an intuitive, easy-to-navigate conference interface. For administrators, it's quick and easy to install. WebBoard provides the spontaneity of an online conversation, combined with the organization and record-keeping power of a conferencing system. WebBoard conferences promote collaboration on projects, an exchange of ideas and insights, and an easy forum for distributing information to a widespread audience. Security and stability WebBoard provides a stable and secure conferencing environment. You can set your preferred level of privacy for each conference: public conferences that are open to anyone on the Web, moderated conferences whose contents are controlled, or private conferences whose members are by invitation only. Users log in using a unique name and password, and each transaction is verified. Easy to set up and use For users and administrators, WebBoard is a breeze to navigate! Installation takes only minutes. Anyone with a web browser can participate in online discussions on any number of subjects. Users simply go to an area of interest and immediately start reading and sending text or other data The WebBoard package includes a comprehensive book and full online Help. All registered users get 90 days of free technical support via phone and email. O'Reilly offers pay-per-incident technical support as well as a fee-based annual technical support for those seeking ongoing support. Power and flexibility WebBoard offers a full range of conferencing options, including public, private, moderated, and read-only conferences. You can remotely administer WebBoard from anywhere in the world. An Activity Log gives you up-to-the-minute system status reports, while User Listings and User Profiles help you keep track of your audience. You can track who's logged in on a particular day or who are the most active members of your WebBoard community. Powerful message handling features add to the strength of WebBoard, such as message searching, message preview, message reply quoting, automatic archiving, and deleting of messages. WebBoard is more than a sophisticated conferencing system. Functions such as private responses via email, user listings, top-ten lists, caller logs, and bulletins allow you to fully manage the audience and content of your conferences. In addition, WebBoard is fully customizable, so you can tailor the program to your needs. For example, you can customize menu bars and change the look and feel of your conferences with special WebBoard tags and URLs. Advanced features include the ability for a single site to house up to 255 individual conference areas through Virtual Boards. In addition, you can revise the WebBoard HTML, Help, and link files and give foreign language support to your users. What do I need to run WebBoard?

  • 486/66 Intel-based system or higher
  • Microsoft Windows(R) 95 or Windows NT 3.51 or higher, with TCP/IP connectivity installed
  • WebSite or any web server that fully supports the Windows Common Gateway Interface (CGI) version 1.2 or higher or ISAPI
  • 16 MB of RAM minimum (32 MB recommended)
Where can I get my copy? WebBoard is available in software stores and bookstores across the United States and internationally. Call O'Reilly to get the names of stores near you that sell WebBoard or to order WebBoard directly: 707-829-0515; or send an email order to order@ora.com. If you have product questions, check out http://software.ora.com for information, demos, and free software; or send an email message to webboard@ora.com. About O'Reilly & Associates O'Reilly & Associates is a recognized leader in technical publishing and software development, specializing in books on open systems and Internet-related software. The company's software and online development has included Global Network Navigator (GNN)(TM) and WebSite(TM), a 32-bit server for Windows NT and Windows 95. WebBoard is a product of O'Reilly & Associates, Inc. It is created in cooperation with Duke Engineering. WebBoard and WebSite are trademarks of O'Reilly & Associates, Inc. All other names are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies.

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