Fear and the Muse: The Story of Anna Akhmatova [VHS]

9781572527898: Fear and the Muse: The Story of Anna Akhmatova [VHS]
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You can't have a revolution without poetry--or can you? Fear and the Muse: The Story of Anna Akhmatova explores the tumultuous life of one of Russia's most vigorous and delightful poets, from her birth in 1889 to her death in 1966. A fixture of the pre-Revolutionary art scene, her deeply personal work was steeped in the romantic sentiment of old Russia, making her an obvious target for the Communists upon their ascension. The documentary uses old footage, interviews with poets and critics, and readings by Claire Bloom to bring her tragedy to life on the screen, while Christopher Reeve's narration frames the work with his steady voice. It's not an easy program to watch; although the Soviets allowed her to live, they were not so kind to her friends, lovers, and family. Despite the horrors she endured, despite the poverty and humiliation imposed by Stalin, Akhmatova worked and wrote and read, finally reclaiming her audience near the end of her life. Fear and the Muse is a powerful testament to the artistic will and a reminder that even the cruelest oppression must eventually give way. --Rob Lightner

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