Cosmo Warrior Zero - A Soldier's Odyssey (Vol. 3)

9781586553555: Cosmo Warrior Zero - A Soldier's Odyssey (Vol. 3)

It's a soldier's duty that makes him fight, but it is his heart that allows him to choose his battles. Zero puts his quest for Harlock on hold after uncovering evidence of a mechanized conspiracy within the government. Following the clues, he ends up on frozen planet, where thousands of human bodies are embedded in the ice. He meets the enigmatic woman, Maetel, who tells him the secrets of the planet, Technologia and the end of humanity. To fight on, Zero must not only challenge the greatest power in the Sea of Stars, but he must fight alongside Space Pirate Harlock himself!

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Review :

The mission of mercenary captain Warrius Zero and his ship the Karyu shifts as the plot of this installment in Leiji Matsumoto's long-running "Captain Harlock" saga abruptly changes directions. When she is attacked by robot-troops, the mechanical Chairwoman of the Terrestrial Federation orders Zero to defend the planet Technologia from the assault of Hel-Matear (the saboteur of the Karyu) and her weird gravity-radiating ship the Hellcastle. Maetel tells Zero that Technologia is a small but important world where humans and mechanical men live in harmony. Toshiro and Emeraldas join Harlock in an assault on the Hellcastle, as Hel-Matear plans to eliminate all organic life from the universe and populate it with robots. Zero and Harlock form a classic pair in Japanese literature: enemy warriors whose unwavering devotion to a samurai code of honor produces mutual respect and admiration. (Rated 13 and older: violence, brief nudity, alcohol use) --Charles Solomon

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