Dragon Ball - The Saga of Goku - Boxed Set

ISBN 13 : 9781588170163

Dragon Ball - The Saga of Goku - Boxed Set

9781588170163: Dragon Ball - The Saga of Goku - Boxed Set

The first 13 episodes on a two-disc set. 1. Secret of the Dragon Ball, 2. The Emperor's Quest, 3. The Nimbus Cloud of Roshi, 4. Oolong the Terrible, 5. Yamcha the Desert Bandit, 6. Keep an Eye on the Dragon Balls, 7. The Ox-King on Fire Mountain, 8. The Kamehameha Wave, 9. Boss Rabbit's Magic Touch, 10. The Dragon Balls Are Stolen, 11. The Penalty Is Pinball, 12. A Wish to the Eternal Dragon, 13. The Legend of Goku; Curse of the Blood Rubies

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Review :

These 13 episodes recount Goku's first adventures and introduce some of the main characters from the phenomenally popular comedy-adventure. A small boy from another planet, Goku commands superhuman strength, but he was raised by an old man who taught him to use his powers only to fight evildoers. Goku stumbles onto Bulma, who is trying to assemble the seven enchanted Dragon Balls so she can wish for a boyfriend. The naive boy and the hot-tempered girl join forces to collect the magic spheres. They enter into a quarrelsome alliance with Oolong, the shape-shifting pig; Yamcha, the dashing bandit (who wants the Dragon Balls to wish away his shyness around girls); and Yamcha's metamorphic familiar Pwar. The heroes don't realize they're competing for the Dragon Balls with the pint-sized Blue Meanie, Emperor Pilaf (who plans to use the Dragon Balls to rule the world), and his two ninja flunkies, Mia and Chao. The wild card in the conflict is Roshi, a lecherous old man who is a master of extraordinary martial arts techniques. This version of the comic action series has been heavily edited, which infuriates some fans, but it still offers plenty of elaborate fights and slapstick comedy. "Curse of the Blood Rubies" is a "feature" that consists of recut chunks of the first four episodes on the discs, combined with sections of the "Legend of Shenlon" adventure. The evil King Gurumes is oppressing his people and digging up his once-fertile realm to obtain the fabulous Rubies. He wants the Dragon Balls to wish himself free of the insatiable gluttony that has transformed him into a bloated monster, and will do anything to obtain them, which brings him into conflict with Goku, Bulma, and company. Although the film contains nothing but reused footage, the story doesn't fit into the overall Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z continuity. Rated 5 and older, but more appropriate for ages 8 and up: minor nudity, toilet humor, and cartoon violence. --Charles Solomon

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