A-Plus Study Notes For CFA 2010 Level I Certification

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9781590959398: A-Plus Study Notes For CFA 2010 Level I Certification

The CFA certification is becoming a necessary credential in today's job market. However, passing the exam is getting harder every year. The pass rate for Level I in June 2009 was very low.

Use A-Plus Study Notes™ in conjunction with the CFA institute materials themselves and you can be the one with the advantage to pass!

A-Plus Study Notes are:
Portable. Once you've done the initial reading, these notes will allow you to do your brush-up anytime and anywhere.

User-friendly, well-organized, clear. The notes were created by a team of CFA's that includes an American wealth management advisor who passed all three levels on the first try and a British financial analyst who manages a financial training company, has developed online CFA training programs and teaches CFA courses

Cost-effective. Much more affordable than a review course. Once you pass the exam you can easily earn back the cost in less than a week.

Time-efficient. The notes allow you to be flexible. Work at your own speed. Focus on the parts you need to review. Work at your comfort level.

The CFA® exam covers a lot of material, as you've discovered. With so much material, the instinct for many is to try to read it as carefully as possible on the first go-round because the prospect of actually having to read it again is pretty daunting. We want to offer here an outline of the materials that follows the Learning Outcome Statements because LOS's are what you'll need to know for the test.

Computer Based Practice Exam:
5000 Plus test questions, answers, with explanations, are included with this book. You may also send us questions via email and we will answer with additional detailed nformation. Bruce@a-plusstudynotes.com

Authored by a Team of CFA Experts

Team leader Jane Vessey, CFA, manages a training company in the United Kingdom specializing in financial analysis and investment. She is a visiting lecturer at Cass Business School teaching classes in asset management and valuation. She also teaches a CFA® revision course at ISMA (the business school at Reading University) and is an associate at a leading London financial training company where she teaches courses covering investment management and related topics. She has developed online training programs for students taking the CFA examinations and teaches CFA courses for UKSIP (the UK Society of Investment Professionals).

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