Patricia Marlett The Talking Tee Shirt

ISBN 13 : 9781598863307

The Talking Tee Shirt

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9781598863307: The Talking Tee Shirt

What if a dream could change a young girl's life forever? Author Patricia Marlett shares the entertaining story of The Talking Tee Shirt. This heartwarming story renders a message of belief, trust, and faith. Samantha is sleeping soundly, when she suddenly begins to dream. After she awakens, she can't shake the plan the dream planted in her mind. Although she tries and tries to reject the notion from the dream, she slowly begins to understand that she has been purposefully selected for a special mission. Having always been a classic cutup, Samantha finds it hard to believe that she would be chosen for such an endeavor. As she struggles to make a decision, the fear of losing her friends feels overwhelming. Yet she must complete her assignment because time is running out: she must find a specific tee shirt before it's too late. This lighthearted, upbeat theme will be entertaining to all young readers. As the suspense evolving around the tee shirt builds, the mystery unfolds and a secret message is revealed. The Talking Tee Shirt becomes the conduit for Samantha's unbelievable mission, and her life is changed forever.

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