The Theory of Optical Instruments

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9781603861397: The Theory of Optical Instruments
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A stronomy, Photography, andS pectroscopy, have -frequently expressed the desire for a simple theoretical account of those defects of performance of optical instruments to which the names comaj cwrvature of fields astigmatism, distortion secondary spectrum want of resolving power, etc., are given :it is hoped that the need will to some extent be met by this little work, in which the endeavour is made to lead up directly from the first elements ofO ptics to those parts of the subject which are of greatest importance to workers with optical instruments. A short account of the principal instruments has been added. While the tract is primarily written with this practical aim, the writer ventures to hope that it may be useful in drawing the attention of Pure Mathematicians to some, attractive theorems: of special interest is Klein sapplication of the imaginary circle at infinity to establish the result (30) that no optical instrument can possibly be constructed, other than the plane mirror, so as to be capable of transforming all the points of the object-space into points of the image-space. The writer moreover believes that the customary course of Geometrical Optics presented to mathematical students in Universities might with advantage be modified: and ofiers the present tract as a suggestion to this end. E. T. W. DuN siNK Observatory, Co. Dublin, November
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