Hug Your People [With Headphones]

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9781606405581: Hug Your People [With Headphones]
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Today, when social networking is the hottest buzz word and 'relationships' are things that can happen virtually, top CEO and inspirational speaker Jack Mitchell is totally committed to bringing back the human connection in our businesses and our lives.

Now, in Hug Your People, Jack shares his 5-step plan for creating a winning team...

* Be NICE - because how you treat one another is as important as how you treat your customers...

* Learn to TRUST - it's a crucial part of building strong working relationships

* Instil PRIDE in your team and the work they do; give them all the 'tools' they need to do their jobs well...

* Try to INCLUDE your team in decision-making processes; you can't do it alone, so reach out for their input...

* Generously RECOGNIZE the contributions made and celebrate victories, big and small, because they all count ...

Simple, unpretentious and fun, Hug Your People is a morale-boosting blueprint for success. With its blend of anecdotes and practical advice it will inspire you to build an energized, focused team. It's the type of team that lies at the heart of every great organization.

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"Totally inspiring...This book will help you become a better leader and make you a better person..." (Howard Behar, author and director of Starbucks)

"If you want to run a business, but hate corporate culture, this book is the one to read. Here's somebody whose advice you can use." (Paul Newman, actor and businessman)

"How simple ideas, put into practice, will let your employees know how much you value them." (Ken Blanchard, coauthor, The One Minute Manager)

"Jack Mitchell is the grand master at motivating and inspiring employees to perform brilliantly" (Richard J. Harrington, President and CEO, The Thomson Corporation)

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