Thomas Ott The Number 73304-23-4153-6-96-8

ISBN 13 : 9781606997109

The Number 73304-23-4153-6-96-8

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9781606997109: The Number 73304-23-4153-6-96-8

This creepy graphic novel, drawn on scratchboard, is about a man who finds a mysterious number that changes his life: now in softcover.

Horror master Thomas Ott’s only full-length graphic novel is now available in paperback! When clearing up the cell of a prisoner who has been sentenced to death and subsequently executed, a guard finds a small piece of paper with a combination of numbers on it. On the spur of the moment, he puts it into his pocket. Living a solitary, monotonous life, the man finds his curiosity awakened by the numbers on the paper. They also signal radical changes in his luck... and fortunes. Until, that is, they don’t. The inexorable abyss that follows is quintessential Ott, modern master of the old fashioned plot twist. But more than the plot itself, Ott’s hallucinatory, hyper-detailed scratchboard visions will haunt you long after you’ve put the book down. Black & white.

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About the Author :

Thomas Ott lives in Zurich, Switzerland, where he creates animation, is the lead singer of a band called The Playboys, and continues to draw political cartoons, comics and caricatures for various European newspapers and magazines. His books include The Number 73304-23-4153-6-96-8, Cinema Panopticum, T. Ott's Tales of Error, Dead End, Greetings from Hellville, and R.I.P.: Best of 1985-2004.

Review :

“The Swiss master of fatalistic noir here engrossingly envisions a story too corny for words, which contemporary crime-fiction writers wouldn’t touch.”
- Ray Olson, Booklist

“A wonderfully crafted horror story that moves along briskly to the end but which lingers in the reader’s mind for much longer.”
- Sam Gafford,

“From artistic, design, and narrative standpoints, Ott creates a masterpiece of contemporary graphic storytelling that knows no geographical or linguistic boundaries.”
- Rick Klaw,

“Ott has once again produced a twisted, scary masterpiece.”
- Neel Mukherjee, The Times Online

“The bizarre plot twists and moody, David Lynch-esque horror from Swiss suspense master Thomas Ott don’t disappoint.”
- Wizard

“Ott’s hyper-meticulous attention to how detail relates to used space and negative space is at once both unsettling and captivating, utilizing a form of technical, pen-like cross-hatching for essentially every line that can only be described as Robert Crumb on Adderall.”
- C. R. Stemple, Pads & Panels

“The end of the tale isn’t surprising, but the way that the logic is worked out to its predestined conclusion is nice, and the drawings are wonderful.”
- Journey into Perplexity

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