Tribal Warriors at the Last Frontier

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9781616674205: Tribal Warriors at the Last Frontier

Papua New Guinea is indeed the land of mystery. It is a land of natural wilderness, breathtaking landscapes, lost cultures, unexpected tropical jungles, and high mountains, many networks of rivers and fascinating flora and fauna. But what's more mysterious is the people, who are richer in their culture than any other county in the world. This is because they speak 800 different languages; thus, they have 800 unique cultures. Tribal Warriors at the Last Frontier is a true story of a very small tribe known as the Jika Mukuka tribe in the Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea. The story takes us back a few hundred years before the discovery of the Hagen people by the first white men (the Leahy brothers; Michael and Danny) from Australia. The origin of the Jika Mukuka tribe and the events that the Jika Mukukas went through. The Jika Mukuka tribe survived through a turbulent period of tribal warfare, forced out of their homeland to seek refuge all over the land of different tribes in the Hagen society. Almost 90 percent of their tribesmen were killed by an enemy ten times their size but few of those brave warriors sought refuge at Kuta, the mine site of Danny Leahy. The Jika Mukukas came to learn the new ways of the white man, which were both weird, funny, and confusing. After seven years of exile, the last surviving 29 men returned to their homeland and rebuilt the tribe of Jika Mukuka. The small Jika Mukuka tribe was the last to resettle among thousands of tribes but was richly blessed by producing two powerful men in Papua New Guinea, who were Pena Ou, the first national member for Hagen, and Paias Wingti, former three time Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea and Governor for Western Highlands.

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