Jot Russell Open Source Government

ISBN 13 : 9781622955336

Open Source Government

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9781622955336: Open Source Government

What really ticks you off? Is it the IRS, divorce, political bickering, religious extremists, undocumented workers stealing jobs from Americans, or maybe it's just that neighbor of yours collecting unemployment while making a hundred grand off the books? Within, I outline a simple and central solution to address these same problems that every nation faces. The obstacle that blocks us from reversing this corruption is ourselves. The technology needed to bring this change already exists, but it will require you to give up something you're not prepared to let go of. With the release of this simple item you now hold in your pocket, we can reduce the tax burden, simplify government, resolve the euro crisis, prevent identify theft, block terrorism, limit partisan interference, fight countless criminal activities while providing proof to exonerate the wrongly accused. I am just one man, but you can help me start a movement. By drawing on the education and experience of the masses, we can engineer peace and prosperity into this world. More than just a democratic government; Open Source Government!

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