Rhys Lysander Pervaholic

ISBN 13 : 9781627611022


9781627611022: Pervaholic

WARNING!  This Story Contains Self-Bondage and Masturbation. If Self-Bondage repulses you, DO NOT read. Otherwise, enjoy!

Exhibitionist Amy receives a present from Ben that she finds hard to resist: a teasing program designed for the self-bondage enthusiast. Amy likes it and quickly samples the program, not knowing her little show would end up on the screens of over FIVE THOUSAND people around the world.

While Amy is using the ATS2K program, a subroutine kicks in and leads to Amy's activities being watched live on the Web. A user by the name of JohnX718 finds her, and after winning a bidding, gains control of Amy's pleasure center.

But who is JohnX718?

Could Ben, who has rushed to Amy's aid more than once before to release her from her self-bondage, be hiding something?

What secret is Ben keeping from her?

This story is the LAST book in "Knotty Girl Series" 
The books in this series are listed below in order:

  1. Doing It Alone
  2. Pervaholic


Ben enjoyed her breasts for a bit, before removing the clit vibrator. She groaned when it came free.

"Now what's going to help me?" she said with a pout.   

He pulled the PC sensor free from her ass. It was long and slender, with a slight flare to keep it inside its user. He dropped it to the floor and knelt on the bed behind her.

Ben knew exactly what could help her... and he was also more than willing to help himself. His cock was hard as a rock and dripping in anticipation...


Amy switched off her MP3 player, and then unsnapped the gag. As he worked his sore jaw, her adroit fingers took hold of his cock and removed the vibrator. He sucked in a breath.

She wrapped a hand around the purple, swollen shaft of Ben's dick. She looked up at him with a feral look and held his gaze as she knelt between his legs. Amy placed her breasts on the chair and against his balls and legs. He groaned as she stroked him and pressed her tits against him. Ben thought he had gone to heaven as she stroked his cock with knowing fingers. But then she stopped abruptly and said, "Show me how much you can come."  

She closed her lips around him and took him deep in her mouth. Ben started to thrash against his bonds.

How desperately he wanted to hold her tits and squeeze them in his hands! He wanted to grab her hair and fuck her mouth if only to soothe the bluest balls he had ever known. But he couldn't move. As he rapidly built to climax, all he could do was hope that she would take pity on him.

"Please," he groaned and said hoarsely, "Please let me come..."

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About the Author :

Rhys Lysander is a huge romantic. It resonates in his writing. Although he creates a very unique and sensual theme for his books, he always goes back to building relationships where he feels is the main core to his stories.

His favorite fantasies involve wife swapping and submissive sex.

Email him at rhys_lysander@awesomeauthors.org.

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