Uncut: College Porn Stars Compilation: Hot Gay Romance Erotica

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9781680300345: Uncut: College Porn Stars Compilation: Hot Gay Romance Erotica

It seemed like a great start to a wonderful friendship... When four seniors stumble into the idea of filming themselves, no one would have ever thought it would be something like this. And no one knew that it would get THIS big. It was surprising how they all got along, and how each of them was falling for the other. But then enter the drama and the hard-hitting reality of life, and these four guys may be falling apart maybe for a while, or maybe for good. Will their friendship be strong enough? Or will everything be worth nothing? Compilations in this book include: "Gay Porn College Super Stars" (Book 1) "Spring Break Video" (Book 2) SAMPLE 1: “That’s it,” my buddy Mark said. “We should have enough film to finish up.” Tony, our actor buddy got up from the ground wiping dirt from his clothes. He was the fallen hero of our story and had just gotten shot at the end of the film. “Suck me, this ketchup is sticky,” he said pulling his tee shirt off over his head. He tossed it on the ground and picked up a towel to wipe himself off. Tony had been doused with ketchup in the final scene of the video that we were making for an audio/visual class in our high school. Mark, Tony and I were partners in the project and the finished video would be most of our grade for the class. We had a week to finish editing it and then three weeks before our high school careers ended. We were all seniors and all 18, so this was something we wanted to do so our grade was good. We all were headed to college next fall and good grades were important. “I think it’ll turn out pretty good,” I said. “We got a lot of good stunts,” Mark said. “Too bad we couldn’t have put a little sex in it,” Tony said grinning. “Yeah Mrs. O’Connor would love that,” I said. Tony shrugged. “Sex sells,” he said. Mark and I laughed but Tony seemed serious. “Have you ever seen how much they get for those porno’s on the Internet?” he asked. “No I haven’t been porno shopping lately,” Mark laughed. “You look at pornos just like the rest of us,” Tony retorted. Mark and I had to admit that we watched porn too. My only secret was that I watched gay porn. I doubted these guys had ever seen one of those. “Why don’t we make one?” Tony asked. “What? Make a porno?” “Sure, let’s do it. We’ve got the equipment.” “Who would we get to be in it? Do you know any girls who would let one of us do her on a camera?” “Shit no,” Tony said. “I didn’t think of that.” “Sheila would do it,” Mark said. “You mean Sheila Beast? Damn, she’s so ugly no one could get a boner to do her.” “How about you, Mark?” I asked. “Would any of your girlfriends let you do her on camera?” “Hell no, I have a hard time getting them to take me in the dark.” We all laughed. I knew that was a lie because Mark was a damn good-looking guy. “Maybe we could do it without girls,” I said. “Huh? What the hell are you talking about?” “I mean make a gay porno...”

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