Android Hunters (The Corli Saga) (Volume 1)

Note moyenne 4,16
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9781680680027: Android Hunters (The Corli Saga) (Volume 1)

Androids. Android Hunters. Crime Syndicates. Cybernetic viruses. And an android who doesn't know what she is...

Eighty-one years ago, androids broke free of the bonds humans had over them, massacred a planet, and became the most hated beings in all of creation. For the eighty years following, the elite four person teams of Android Intelligence and Removal Specialists (AIRS) have hunted downthe androids, showing no mercy.

On Elysian, eighty years after the first android hunters team was sent on the first hunt, AIRS Team 4 is involved in another hunt for one of the androids. Nearing the end of the hunt, with the android trapped,
the hunters find out what it is like to be trapped...

In a closed down mine two hundred kilometers away, Corli, a unique android, is captured by a group led by a disgraced android hunter, and imprisoned with no knowledge of why they want her...

Acting as an unknowing catalyst, Corli begins to change the course of three species, as what it truly means to be human is slowly illuminated to her.

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