Natasha Cooper Keep Me Alive

ISBN 13 : 9781842839010

Keep Me Alive

9781842839010: Keep Me Alive
Quatrième de couverture :

Who is the man beaten to death in a Kentish field? How will his story affect barrister Trish Maguire and her client Will Applewood as she fights his case against a giant supermarket chain? And what will happen to Inspector Caro Lyalt, half-dead with food poisoning after a meal she cooked for Trish?
Breaking new ground in this novel, Natasha Cooper takes Trish Maguire beyond her usual world of legal London and confronts her with the grimmest side of human nature and some exceptionally nasty crimes.

'No matter how dark and grisly the world of her novels, Cooper never loses sight of the compassion and emotional intelligence that have become keynote elements of her work' VAL McDERMID
'One of Natasha Cooper's best books. Trish Maguire is on top form, both in court assisting her head of chambers in a case against a supermarket chain and outside, trying to help the principal complainant, who is concerned about an abused child. It's a tougher book than usual and confirms Trish as the lawyer you'd want on your side' SUNDAY TELEGRAPH
'Ahead of most current detective fiction … A layered, complex and somewhat flawed character, a detective more in the tradition of Maigret than Marlow' TIMES LITERARY SUPPLEMENT

Présentation de l'éditeur :

Why did investigative journalist Jamie Maxden die? The coroner says it was suicide. The case is closed. Only one man fights to re-open it. Will Applewood is sure Jamie was about to expose a scandal that would shame the British food industry. But Will is notorious for his conspiracy theories. No one listens to him. In despair he turns to his barrister, Trish Maguire.
Will's campaign takes Trish deep into the countryside, revealing a world that seems quite different from the metropolitan life she knows. But human nature doesn't change - whatever the environment. Cruelty and intimidation can flourish in the ravishing landscape just as they do in the grimmest of inner-city housing estates.
Moving between the two, trying to save lives and sanity, inexhaustable Trish is driven into a crusade - both personal and professional - that combines excitement, drama and agonising human tragedy.

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