Effie in Venice: Mrs. John Ruskin's Letters Home, 1849-52

9781843680819: Effie in Venice: Mrs. John Ruskin's Letters Home, 1849-52
Revue de presse :

Even if these letters had not the special interest of being from John Ruskin's wife, they would be absorbing in their picture of the social life that dominated Venice at this particular period --Marghanita Laski, Observer

A lively picture of the 'ancien règime' re-establishing itself for its last fling. Mary Lutyens has put so much into the narrative linking these hitherto unpublished letters and is so at home with the vast cast of characters, that the book is as much hers as Effie's. It is perhaps the most radiant episode in Ruskin's life --The Times

Brilliantly edited... shows us Effie as she really was. An admirable book completely engrossing, with footnotes that are really fascinating and show us not only the social history of the time but the facts about Venice and foreign travel --Evening Standard

If these letters vindicate Effie, they also rescue John from the remote regions to which so many biographical accounts exiled him --Birmingham Post

In these letters, wonderfully put into context by Mary Lutyens, Effie comes across as a character Jane Austen might have created, meticulously concerned with rank and status --The Sunday Times

Effie's own story is as good as fiction --Quarterly

A delightful evocation of a special moment in the history of Venice and the history of art --The Sunday Telegraph

Edited with the most detailed supplementary information --The Tablet

One to delight history buffs --RED

Delighted to find it back in print --A Common Reader

Biographie de l'auteur :

Effie Gray was born in 1928 and married John Ruskin when she was twenty. Their brief marriage was to end in divorce for non-consummation, but not before they had twice travelled to Venice. Effie absconded in 1850, jumping off a train and eventually marrying John Everett Millias. She died in 1897.

Mary Lutyens was born in 1909, the fourth daughter of Sir Edwin Lutyens. A novelist, historian and biographer, her works include 'To Be Young', an account of her youth in the conjoined circles of her father and Krishnamurti, two other volumes on the world of Ruskin, 'Millias and the Ruskins' and 'The Ruskins and the Grays', as well as a biography of her father. She was married to J.G. Links, the furrier, detective novelist, art historian and author of 'Venice for Pleasure'. She died in 1999.

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