Ian Falloon Moto Guzzi Sport & Le Mans Bible

ISBN 13 : 9781845840648

Moto Guzzi Sport & Le Mans Bible

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9781845840648: Moto Guzzi Sport & Le Mans Bible

Book by Falloon Ian

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inter-bike.co.uk, 2008
UK biker website

Another excellent work in the ‘Bible‘ series by Ian Falloon and published by Veloce whose quality motorcycle list continues to grow at a very respectable pace. Using the same format of excellent period color and black and white plates mixed with modern photography, the 160 pages detail several of the historic Italian firm’s iconic machines. In this case there seems to be so much info rmation to impart that each page is crammed with text and pictures. By the end of the book you really do feel that you know every nut and bolt of these models as well as everything there is to know about them. This will please the owner as will the excellent technical info rmation at the rear. Racing fans will also love the last chapter on racing these bikes. Like all in this excellent series it is also a good general read as well as being for the enthusiast and the whole series in building towards a useful history of (at the moment) Italian motorcycling. Priced at $59.95, like the others, it easily justifies its price by being a quality publication in both look and feel, as well as content.

Falcone Newsletter, part of the The M oto Guzzi Owners Association of NSW, Australia, by Brett Rosenthal - June 2007

I have been fortunate to have been sent a pre-production copy of Australian author Ian Falloon's latest book – ' M oto Guzzi Sport and Le M ans Bible' by the publishers Veloce books in the UK.

The book is centered on the development of M oto Guzzi Sports bikes from the early V7 to the V7 Sport and onto the Le M ans series up to 1993, as well as racing bikes including Dr Johns endurance racer.

Ian has compiled lists of individual changes from model to model as well as changes within each series of models including a brief development of each model. Lots of previously unseen period photos in both color and B&W including many Australian bike magazine photos, close up detailed shots of parts. Lists of frame and engine numbers, charts giving the total production number of each model. All very comprehensive. The text in this book has been proof read by Ivar de Gier* so you can be assured the information text is correct.

If you have an interest in these bikes this is a great book and well worth adding to any other M oto Guzzi books on your shelf.

*Ivar de Gier is Dutch M oto Guzzi enthusiast, he has an extensive collection of Guzzi twins and singles including some rare ex-factory singles.For some years he had direct access to the factory historical records and has interviewed many Guzzi factory people over time. Ivar also proof read Ian Falloon's previous book 'The M oto Guzzi Story'.

MPN (Motorcycle Product News) magazine, August 2007- US magazine


The Moto Guzzi V7 Sport and Le Mans were amongst the first 1970s era Superbikes to combine Italian style, handling and performance. After struggling through the '60s, the birth of Guzzi's V7 Sport Telaio Rosso in 1971 helped propel the venerable bike brand's success and led to the 1975 release of the Le Mans , which in turn solidified the company's momentum in the sporting motorcycle segment. The Moto Guzzi Sport & Le Mans Bible features the entire history of both bikes in the years spanning 1971 to 1993. Full specs of both model's development year-by-year, complete with full production data, is augmented by 150 photos. The expert behind this page-turner is Ian Falloon, one of the foremost motorcycle historians, with more than 20 books under his belt. His personal collection of classic sporting motorcycles includes a 1973 Moto Guzzi V7 Sport, so this New Zealander really knows what he's talking about!

Classic Bike Guide, September 2008
UK magazine

Same format, different subject, again from lan Falloon. This one looks at the heavyweight transverse V-twins, from the staid looking V7 through to the wonderful Le M ans , right through to the retro-styled 1000S of 1993. Each chapter sees the styling and performance change until the various marques of Le M ans set the standard in style. There's a chapter on racing success, especially with the Dr John Wittner prepared machines of the 80s. Add to this all the detail changes to each model throughout its life span, plus the technical specifications, and this is an obligatory read for any Guzzi fan.

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The Moto Guzzi V7 Sport and Le Mans are iconic sporting motorcycles of the 1970s and 1980s. They were amongst the first Superbikes to combine Italian style, handling and performance. After struggling to survive during the 1960s, Lino Tonti was given the opportunity to create the V7 Sport Telaio Rosso, in 1971. This was so successful that Moto Guzzi again began to concentrate on building sporting motorcycles. When Alessandro de Tomaso acquired the company the future for Moto Guzzi twins looked bleak until the 850 Le Mans was released in 1975. Like the V7 Sport, the Le Mans was a class leading sporting motorcycle and continued into production throughout the 1980s. After the Le Mans II of 1978, Le Mans III of 1980, the Le Mans IV of 1984, and the Le Mans V of 1988, although no longer a cutting edge sports bike, the final Le Mans successfully managed to combine traditional attributes with modern conveniences. Covering the period 1971-1993 and all models (V7 Sport, 750S, 750S3, 850 Le Mans, 850 Le Mans II, 850 Le Mans III, 1000 Le Mans IV, 1000 Le Mans V) and with description of model development year by year, full production data and 150 photos this is a highly informative book and an essential Bible for enthusiasts.

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