The Great Animal Orchestra: Finding the Origins of Music in the World's Wild Places

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9781847658531: The Great Animal Orchestra: Finding the Origins of Music in the World's Wild Places
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'A fascinating book of natural history, worthy to be read in the silence your own library' --David Bellamy

'He takes us close to the roots of the music and reminds us to stop and listen. Remarkable' --Norman Lebrecht

'This expansive tale of living amidst wild and beautiful sounds has been well worth waiting for' --David Rothenberg, ECM recording artist, and author of 'Thousand Mile Song' and 'Survival of the Beautiful'

'Truly absorbing account ... This book should and will be an inspiration to us all. I loved it.' --Terry Nutkins

'Beautifully written and intriguing ... the symphony of the world moves from background to centre stage' --David Eagleman, author of Sum and Incognito

'What we really want is something worth listening to. Nobody knows how to find it better than Bernie Krause'
A wonderful advertisement for the effects of natural sound ... Krause writes like the field naturalist he is, attentively and with a light tread ... the optimism of his spirit is infectious: this is one of those books you are grateful to have read -- Marek Kohn Independent

'Alluring ... a fun and informative read that is likely to change the way that any reader listens to soundscapes, both urban and rural'-- Sunday Times

'Weird and wonderful ... This is an extraordinary and important book. I challenge anyone to read it and not hear for themselves sounds they have never heard or rather never noticed before. I walk out now onto a refreshed, renewed moor: I accept sadly that it does not have the depth and complexity that it had even half a century ago, but I can hear it better and walk more softly myself after reading The Great Animal Orchestra'-- Sara Maitland, Spectator'A passionate advocate ... Krause writes with a rush of enthusiasm for the subject'-- BBC Wildlife

'A fascinating plea for humanity to turn the volume down and just listen' Herald

'In his fascinating book, Krause urges us to open our ears ... his tone is full of wonder' Daily Mail

'At the heart of this idiosyncratic volume is Krause s niche hypothesis ... Krause comes across as a likelable oddball, extolling the virtues of homemade clip-on cats ears and the authentic kind of ant music ... the book s coda is a passionate plea to halt human noise pollution' Sunday Telegraph

'All this magnificent, if arcane, knowledge has now been brought together by Krause in a masterly tour of the soundscape. Entitled The Great Animal Orchestra, it makes a convincing case for the soundscape's overlooked value, partly for itself, and partly as an indication of the health of the natural world, and for one overwhelming reason for us as humans: in nature's collective voice, he says, can be located the origins of human music, and perhaps even human language' --Michael McCarthy, Independent

'The way Krause describes what he hears will make you want to put on a pair of headphones and sit in the forest for a day' Conservation Magazine

'This is far more than a book of charming factoids ... it s a profound meditation on why the earth makes its sounds and how everything birdsong, waves hitting beaches, the grunts of animals, the patter of rainfall in a tropical forest is part of a constantly evolving and interconnected process ... Krause combines learned theorising with tales of his own adventures and the result is a spirited and constantly surprising book' Geographical Magazine

'A beautifully written and surprising book, packed with colourful stories' --Guardian

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Bernie Krause is the world's leading expert in natural sound. Beginning by recording the sound of wheat growing in a Kansas field, he has spent the last 40 years recording ecological soundscapes and the sounds of over 15,000 species. Due to human actions, half of the wild soundscapes he has on tape no longer exist.

Krause divides natural sound into three categories. Biophony is the sound made by animals and plants, like the shrimp whose underwater clicks are equivalent to a Boeing 727 taking off. Geophony is natural sound - made by wind, water and rain - which led different tribes to have different musical scales. And anthrophony is human-generated sound, which as it has rapidly increased has affected animals - for instance, causing disoriented whales to become beached. In The Great Animal Orchestra Krause invites us to listen through his ears to all three as he showcases singing trees, contrasting coasts, and the roar of the modern world.

Just as streetlights engulf the stars, human noise is drowning out the sounds of nature, and our focus on the visual today blinds us to this. The Great Animal Orchestra shows why it is vital we preserve our remaining natural soundscapes - and will make you hear the world entirely differently.

Loved by experts from E. O. Wilson to Norman Lebrecht, this unique book - now out in paperback, combines music and cultural history with science to appeal to everyone from David Attenborough fans to music lovers.

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