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ISBN 13 : 9781849920148

9781849920148: We
Revue de presse :

"It is packed with ideas and unexpected turnings. Dickinson, formerly known as a writer for children, has produced a gripping, thought provoking thriller in his first science fiction novel for adults, one that works on the human and the cosmic scale alike" (Lisa Tuttle The Times)

"This is absolutely top notch, classy stuff . . . It's beautifully written, with a sparse and elegant style that suits both the isolation of the environment and the isolation of its central character . . . It's an immensely rewarding book: demanding but beautiful - and as suitable for adults as it is for older teenagers . . . I can't recommend it highly enough" (Jill Murphy

"This is cracking stuff. Beautifully written in crystal clear prose, you can practically put your finger in the spaces Dickinson has left to let the narrative breathe . . . Thought-provoking, stylish and immensely enjoyable WE would make a fine addition to anyone's library but for a science fiction fan it is a must buy" (

"Essentially a convincing psychological thriller, this book also raises thought-provoking questions about our reliance on the internet and social networking, and about where it will eventually lead us . . . WE is a challenging and satisfying read" (Kunak McGann Inis)

"Thought-provoking, cleverly written, intense and chilling" ( Rosie Scribble)

Biographie de l'auteur :

John Dickinson was born in London in 1962. Educated at St Paul's School London and Trinity College Oxford, he joined the Ministry of Defence in 1985, with spells at the Cabinet Office and NATO. In 2002 he left MOD to be house-husband, touchline Dad and writer. He is also the household cook, a struggling tenor and treasurer for the parish church. John lives in Painswick, Gloucestershire.

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