Antarctic Fishes: Illustrated in the Gyotaku Method by Boshu Nagase

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9781877058462: Antarctic Fishes: Illustrated in the Gyotaku Method by Boshu Nagase

The break-up of the supercontinent of Gondwana and the formation of the Southern Ocean resulted in the creation of some of the strangest species imaginable―the Antarctic fish fauna. The waters surrounding the southern continent are home to an enormous number of fish species rarely seen by anyone outside the worlds of Antarctic research and commercial fisheries. This book describes the physical characteristics, habits, and distribution of fifty-four species of these fascinating fish. Each description is accompanied by a delicate full-page illustration executed in the unique gyotaku method as employed by master artist Boshu Nagase. The result is an impressive tribute to these little-known fishes.

Antarctic Fishes is an important contribution to our knowledge of a unique environment and extraordinary species equipped with their own "antifreeze." A book for anyone seeking to truly understand the diversity of fishes in the world, Antarctic Fishes will also find a welcome home among fans of Asian and nature art, as well as the growing number of gyotaku collectors.

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About the Author :

Mitsuo Fukuchi is universally recognized as an authority on polar marine ecology. Currently he is a deputy director-general of the National Institute of Polar Research in Japan, where he has worked as a marine ecologist for over thirty years. Harvey J. Marchant is an international authority on Antarctic biology, having worked as a biologist for the Australian Antarctic Division for twenty-six years. Master artist Boshu Nagase has over thirty years' experience in producing gyotaku and is regarded as the principal living exponent of this art form. Gyotaku is a distinctive and delicate method of illustrating subjects from nature―most notably fish. It involves gently molding a dampened sheet of fine, strong rice paper to the surface and dabbing colored inks over the paper to create a beautifully detailed and lifelike full-sized portrait.

Review :

For each fish, the authors provide a brief description that covers the fish's habits and distribution and usually mentions interesting aspects of its ecology or physiology. Each is depicted in a full-page illustration. Nagase created these delicate, detailed fish rubbings by molding a moistened sheet of paper over a specimen and dabbing colored inks onto the paper using a silk-covered wad of cotton.


Readers will want it on their coffee tables... stands on its own as an elegant and informative work of art.

(Natural History)

This fascinating and gorgeous large-format book uses a traditional Japanese art form to beautifully illustrate some of the most interesting fish in the world.

(Jeff Rubin Polar Times)

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