BWPI Birds of the Western Palearctic Interactive

9781898110392: BWPI Birds of the Western Palearctic Interactive

Version 2.0 This the completely new version (2.0) of this more than complete standard work Presenting BWPi - the complete interactive version of the Birds of the Western Palearctic. The brand new interactive version of Birds of the Western Palearctic on DVD-ROM that offers all of the following at the click of a mouse! The entire text of The Handbook of the Birds of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East (the complete 9-volume set, known as BWP) All the text, maps and artwork from the Concise Birds of the Western Palearctic (the 2-volume set, known as Concise BWP) 40 updated species accounts from the series BWP Update A completely upgraded version of BirdGuides DVD-ROM Guide to All the Birds of Europe Despite the fact that the original material would have cost over € 1650.-, you can have all of this on one DVD-ROM. There is a complete new version of the BWPi, version 2.0. What are the differences: It's bigger! In version 2.0 the entire contents of the BWPi 2006 disk have been added to the original BWPi to make a single integrated DVD-ROM. It's even better! The texts have been updated to cover recently 'split' species and to include the latest population data. There are hundreds of new video clips. And all 6 volumes of the journal BWP Update are now included. Now you can add your own content! A new feature of the 2.0 software is the facility to drag and drop your own photographs, video clips, sound recordings and texts so that they seamlessly integrate with the rest of BWPi's encyclopaedic content. Imagine integrating your own personal photo library with this definitive reference. What others say: "...the ultimate birding resource..." (Birding World) "...Damn it! I am impressed! This is a terrific product and deserves to be a success..." ( "...taken as a whole, the package is excellent value for money..." (Birdwatch) "...brilliant for both the armchair birdwatcher and the travelling birder..." (New Scientist)

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