Otto W. Lindholm: Beyond the Frontiers of Imperial Russia: a True Story

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9781905633098: Otto W. Lindholm: Beyond the Frontiers of Imperial Russia: a True Story

To dare and never know what the future holds for you is the 'leitmotiv' of this Finnish boy, whose family by tradition intended him to be a naval officer of the Tsar of all Russia. Losing his father at the tender age of twelve, he left the family home to study and in his early teens enlisted on a whaler, spending his early years on extended world voyages to the whale hunting grounds in search of one of the commodities that dominated 19th century life. Attaining his first command at the age of twenty-six, he quickly achieved prominence in a booming industry at the outer reaches of the Imperial Russian Empire. The discovery of oil in the latter half of the 19th century led him to pursue many other avenues of commerce in the Russian Far East and his support of the Imperial Russian Navy allowed him into the restricted circle of friends of the Tsar Alexander III and his successor Nicolas II. Beyond the Frontiers of Imperial Russia is a true adventure, full of unforeseen and incredible events. In an alert style and in a lively and vivid language, the author evokes the society of his era. These original memoirs are published thanks to the contribution of Alexander Haes-Tyrtoff and Nicholas Tyrtoff Davis-Otto Lindholm's great grandsons.

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