Birthing Normally After a Caesarean or Two: A Guide for Pregnant Women - Exploring Reasons and Practicalities for VBAC

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9781906619152: Birthing Normally After a Caesarean or Two: A Guide for Pregnant Women - Exploring Reasons and Practicalities for VBAC
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This book presents a wealth of information, whilst being very user friendly. It is clearly written and thoroughly but unobtrusively referenced. Statistics are presented which clearly illuminate the arguments. Research evidence is well presented. Risks are examined and placed in context with appropriate statistics, and links are made which do not appear in obstetric texts. Overall, the book makes clear that there is not just one obstetric reality, but several, and that these are not necessarily the ones we hear as unavoidable solutions. Yet there is a limit to what statistics and research can show. Stories tell so much that statistics cannot convey: the variety and nuances of women's experiences and responses to their experience. The great variety of the women's VBAC stories told here is fundamental to the structure of the book. There is a big difference between choosing a VBAC and achieving one and the chapters on creating a supportive environment and making wise decisions during labour are also immensely helpful, as are the useful contacts listed. This rich resource is full of helpful information and telling experience. --Prof Mavis Kirkham, Sheffield Hallam University

As a professional who is concerned about the risk in the caesarean rate I would like to suggest that all women who have anything to do with caesareans read this book. The author has collected research data and precious accounts, which will help women make an informed choice as to how to give birth to their babies. --Head nurse in a birthing unit

Helene's book is an important tool to support women who choose to give birth vaginally after a previous caesarean. --GP and researcher

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It was the author's experience of two very different births (one a caesarean, the next a VBAC) that inspired her to get a PhD from the University of Montreal in Canada. In her thesis she explored how women experience giving birth in hospital. Helene wanted to consider questions about birth since this is such an important event in women's lives. For over 10 years since then, she has divided her time beten teaching and participating in research projects. (She is currently on the Board of the International MotherBaby Childbirth Organization.) She also regularly gives talks at conferences around the world.

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