Nardia Norman Body IQ

ISBN 13 : 9781925144154

Body IQ

9781925144154: Body IQ

A rerelease of Fat Attack; with a new title - Body IQ, by Nardia Norman. Do you want to stop the cycle of yo-yo dieting, restriction, weight gain and shattered confidence? Body IQ details how you can get in great shape, achieve permanent fat loss, and develop a better understanding of your body by teaching you how to be in control. Learn the most effective process for helping you to lose fat, improve your health, and live a more energetic, happier life. Body IQ will help you to reach your full potential through smart training, effective nutrition and increased wellbeing.You will not have to starve yourself, or go on a crazy long-winded exercise regime to achieve your results. In this easy to read down-to-earth book, expert trainer and coach, Nardia Norman will guide you through everything you need to know to get results. You'll discover: The 10 key principles of fat loss that guaranteed to get results A four-phase training plan designed to help you take action How to successfully swap detrimental habits for effective new ones. Body IQ is more than a book - it is your complete go-to resource that will leave your looking, thinking and feeling your best. Nardia Norman has worked extensively in the health ad fitness industry as a speaker, educator, personal trainer and health coach. She has successfully helped thousands of people to strip body fat, get lean and transform their lives.

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