Three Dialogues Between Hylas And Philonous

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9781931243926: Three Dialogues Between Hylas And Philonous
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George Berkeley (1685 - 1753) was an Anglo - Irish clergyman and philosopher after whom the University of California, Berkley, as well as the city, are named. He propounded the theory of Immaterialism, which later came to be known as Subjective Idealism. His works encompass the fields of philosophy, mathematics, and religion. Berkeley wrote about the foundations of Calculus and attacked also the implications of Newton's mechanical theory, which challenged the doctrines of the traditional Church.

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An extension of Berkleys ideas, the work presents his philosophy in the form of dialogues. The author has presented arguments to prove the existence of god and that the material world consists completely of ideas and not physical objects. He reiterates that there is a diety that maintains order and arrangement in the world around us.

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