My Louisiana Sky

ISBN 13 : 9781931669306

My Louisiana Sky

9781931669306: My Louisiana Sky

This provoking drama is set in rural Louisiana in the early 1950's. A 12-year-old girl(Kelsey Keel) has been forced to come to grips with the fact her parents are developmentally disabled. The family is held together by the girl's grandmother (Shirley Knight). Rich Aunt Dorie (Juliette Lewis)comes home to try and ease the family's woes.

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Review :

Tiger Ann (Kelsey Keel), a tomboy in 1950s Louisiana, has an upturned nose and the husky voice of a young Kathleen Turner. She lives in the country with her parents and Grandma Jewel (Shirley Knight). Her 12-year-old life appears to be perfect. It isn't. Her mother and father are "slow" and her grandmother can be bossy (though she's the engine that keeps the household running). To make matters worse, the townspeople aren't as understanding of her family's differences as Tiger has been taught to be of theirs. After Jewel passes away, Tiger's already precarious world is turned upside down and she finds herself longing for the glamorous city life of Aunt Dorie Kay (Juliette Lewis). My Louisiana Sky was directed by Adam Arkin (Chicago Hope) and movingly depicts the difference between the love of family (however messy) and the desire for approval (however lonely). For ages 7 and up. --Kathleen C. Fennessy

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