William Shakespeare Henry V

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Henry V

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9781932219517: Henry V
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Preface THE LIFE OF derived from an edition abridged for acting purposes, evidently an imperfect and unauthorized version made up from shorthand notes taken at the theatre, and afterwards amplified. The original of this abridged edition was in all probability the Folio text, more or less, as we know it. This view of the question is now generally accepted, and few scholars are inclined to maintain that the original of the Quarto was an earlier one without choruses, and following the Chronicle historians much more closely. The Date of Composition. The reference toE ssex in the Prologue to A ct V. {vide Note) shews that Henry the Fifth must have been acted between March 2and September 28, 1599;! the play is not mentioned by Meres in his Palladis Tamia, 1598, though Hewy IV. is included in his list; theE pilogue to 2H enry F. makes promise of Henry V., but our humble author has modified his original conception X{vide Preface to i, 2H enry IV., Jide Fleay. Life and IV urk of Shakespeare ;p. 206. Besides thus differentiating the two editions, Mr. Fleay takes the scene with theS cotch and I rish captains (III. ii. 1. 69 to the end of theS cene) to be an insertion for the Court performance, Christmas 1605, to please King James, who had been annoyed that year by depreciation of theS cots on the stage. This Scene is certainly a contrast to the anti-S cottish feeling in A ct I. Sc. ii. The lateR ichard Simpson made some interesting, though doubtful, observations on the political teaching of Henry V. in a paper dealing with The politics of Shakespeare sH istorical Plays (N ewS hak. Soc, 1874). tI tis fair to assume that the choruses were written for the first performances, though Pope, Warburton, and others held that these were inserted at a later period; they must, however, have formed an integral portion of Shakespeare soriginal scheme; considerations of time may have
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William Shakespeare was born some time in late April 1564 in Stratford-upon-Avon and died in 1616. He is widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language and the world's pre-eminent dramatist. Stanley Wells is Emeritus Professor of the University of Birmingham and Honorary President of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.

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