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Cicero, Kyle Under The Big Top

ISBN 13 : 9781934625149

Under The Big Top

Note moyenne 3,17
( 12 avis fournis par Goodreads )
9781934625149: Under The Big Top
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"Under the Big Top" gathers together as series of erotic tales about those hot men we fantasize about: Cops and troopers, a jungle lord, warrior kings, macho secret agents and, superheroes. An arrogant young police lieutenant finds an older cop knows how to 'beat a path to his door' and unlock some secrets while a womanizing hot state trooper learns his youthful muscles may be no match for the wiles of a foe who knows the value of a hard hand on a meaty butt combined with some tricks of mind control. A muscular white jungle lord is taught that even in his realm a smaller slight native warrior may successfully subvert his macho rule and maybe his sexuality. Read about two superheroes who succumb to latent male erotic urges after a few crafty scientists learn how to let loose long buried traits. And lastly for two macho secret agent brothers life 'under the big top' takes on a whole new meaning. Spankings, mind control, hot male on male encounters it's all inside in a world where the weak overcome the strong and straight men become the sex toys of other men. It's all here in "Under The Big Top!"

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