D. G. Bell Ends Meat

ISBN 13 : 9781943549009

Ends Meat

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9781943549009: Ends Meat

The first case was a barn full of pigs, ripped to shreds by an unknown force. On that day, Detective Inspector Hopkins stepped out of the slick carnage in the barn and onto the path of a quest that would lead him to other grisly scenes scattered all over South Yorkshire. Four years. No breaks. No answers. Then the killings become more frequent. A wanderer on a backroad, teenage vandals, the local reverend, a hungry reporter—all of them chewed to bits in less than a week’s time. What’s more, this time the scenes are yielding up clues, and they’re all pointing Hopkins in one unlikely direction: the Outpost, a run-down movie house on the outskirts of town. Indeed, the Outpost’s proprietor, Tom Doyle, knows far more than he’s letting on to the authorities. He knows all about the animal force that can contort a man’s body and turn him from a decent fellow just trying to make ends meet into a vicious predator driven only by the hunger for fresh meat. But there’s so much that Tom doesn’t know, truths that threaten to tear apart his family, topple the world he has built, and bring all his secrets to light.

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About the Author :

D.G. Bell lives and writes in his hometown of Sheffield, England. He is, amongst other things, very much an aficionado/collector of 1970s’ pulp-horror paperbacks, particularly those featuring marauding animals (Jaws, The Rats, Night of the Crabs et al). Beyond that, his main obsessions are old monster movies—especially the classic Universal horror films—and Spaghetti Westerns. Ends Meat is his first novel. Medium Rare: Ends Meat Book Two will be released by Zharmae later in the year. The author is currently hard at work on the third book in the Ends Meat series.

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