Multifunctional Survival tybelt Premium Web Belt Orange Size:XS

9782293660000: Multifunctional Survival tybelt Premium Web Belt Orange Size:XS

tybelt Premium is a belt trousers. Certified to EN 566, able to stand up to 2,200 kg. Heavy duty, flexible and easy to use, it can be used for lifting, pull or fixer. The shades of the tybelt have the same features. The premium has an engraving on the clasp and it comes in a box with a booklet. Cut tybelt is an optional accessory for the adventure, for outdoor use, camping, hiking, mountaineering, via, etc. tybelt has been specially designed to adapt to the most daring, challenges, for example, in areas or in other situations of survival tactics. tybelt is characterized by a very sleek and images by joining fabrics and brand new. The result is a lightweight and sturdy at the same time which can be worn in all circumstances. Even our videos

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